de re /dā rā/  (latin) “about the thing”; of the subtitles and nuances
the language within the nuances (of femininity)



de re an homage to the two greatest forces on this earth: women and nature. we believe that a woman aligned with her higher self, and the world around her, is unstoppable.

de re is designed through the female lens, challenging the historical and male-dominated interpretations of who and what a woman is, and how she should be represented throughout the many roles she takes throughout the day.  de re is a conversation within the juxtapositions and nuances of modern femininity: to be soft and poetic, but with an unwavering strength; an inspired statement with a quiet ease; an intentional wild.

we see a wardrobe as a visual biography of our lives. it’s time we, as women, begin to redefine that context and make it our own.



conscious luxury is redefining luxury to be in harmonious alignment with our lifestyles, our personal values, and mother earth. for de re, that is an application to our business practices through to the communities we build around de re.

please visit our conscious luxury page to learn more about our brand mission for social and environmental sustainability.